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DG/DGJ Secondary High-Pressure Boiler Feeding Pump
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DG/DGJ boiler feeding pump is used as secondary high-pressure boiler feeding pump and other high-pressure water feeding pump, with temperature of conveyance mediums not exceeding 160℃.

The pump is single-cased sectional multistage centrifugal pump, with suction pipes and exhaust pipes vertically upright. The pump’s front part, middle part and rear part are connected as a whole by through the bar. The static junction planes between all parts are connected jointly by metal surface, with the O-ring as the auxiliary seal.

The DG pump shaft seal is filler seal, while a mechanical seal can also be adopted. The packing box cover and filler chamber shall be cooled by cooling water. The shaft is protected by replaceable sleeves installed at the shaft seal. DGJ pump shaft seal is a mechanical seal, with external washing and self-circulation systems to take away the heat between seal planes.
Pump rotator is supported by sliding bearings on both ends of pump shaft, lubricated by thin oil and cooled by circulated water. Rotator axial thrust is balanced by balance disc. Return pipes are installed between the balance chamber and pump front part.

Pump is driven by electrical motor via elastic couplings. It rotates in a clockwise direction from transmission point of view.


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