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Booster Pump
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YNKn(QG) booster pump is a horizontal ends-supported single-stage double suction centrifugal pump.

● The inlet and outlet of the pump is vertically downward or upward, which may reduce the floor space and eliminate the need for removing the feed and drain piping while repairing. Only by removing the end cover at the free side, the whole rotor of the pump can be pulled out for easy examination.

● The axial force of the pump is balanced by the double suction impeller, and the residual axial force is burdened by the double-thrust bearing.

● The bearing adopts the structure capable of both self-lubrication or forcible lubrication.

● The shaft gland may be either mechanical sealing or packing seal.

● It can be driven either by an individual small motor or by coaxial driven of a donkey engine.

Introduction to the features of YNKn (QG) front-mounted pump

YNKn (QG) front-mounted pump was introduced into our company in order to form a complete set with the 100—1200 MW sub-critical thermal power generating unit. This product was manufactured with the newest technology of KSB (Germany). The complete manufacturing technology, standard and quality control procedure of high pressure boiler feed pump and front-mounted pump has been introduced from Germany. By now, more than 400 pumps of YNKn (QG) type have been manufactured and more than 300 pumps are running now at different sites. YNKn (QG) front-mounted pump has the following features.

Type: Single grade double-casing volute centrifugal pump

  • The cover along the axis can be opened from both sides. The rotor can be withdrawn from the direction of the axis. This kind of design has made the overhauling work convenient.
  • The inlet and outlet of the pump is fitted upright, which makes the pump occupy less space.
  • The rotor is supported at both ends, which makes the rotor run more steady and reliable.
  • The axis is sealed with the newest technology of case packed self-recycling mechanical seal of the fluid power type. The whole set of sealing is a complete changeable unit, which makes it easier to be changed.
  • The force along the direction of the axis of the pump is self-equilibrated by double volute impeller. The remaining force can be born by the double direction anti-thrust bearing.
  • The multi-drive mode enables the pump to be driven by the small motor or the main moor of the main pump.
  • When the feed pump of NPSH’s normal working is guaranteed, the front-mounted pump has the low lift and power, which can leave more power for the fed pump.

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