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CHTC Type Feed Pump
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The CHTC type feed pump is a cylindrical dual-casing segmental type multistage centrifugal pump designed to facilitate the users overhauling, and it has the following differences with the CHTA:

● The impeller is sliding mounted on the shaft for users’ easy disassembling.
● The shaft gland adopts the quick-mounting cartridge type mechanical sealing, i.e. the compression ratio is preset in the standby state, therefore the replacement can be done only by removing 6 screws, which facilitates the user and reduces the downtime.
● While repairing the CHTC pump, you don’t need to remove the bearing body but pull out the pump core together with the bearing body by screwing off the end cover bolt, thus greatly reducing the trouble shooting time.

Introduction to the features of CHTC high pressure boiler feed pump

The CHTC high pressure boiler feed pump was introduced into our company in 1990s in order to form a complete set with the 100—1200 MW sub-critical thermal power generating unit. This product was manufactured with the newest technology of KSB (Germany). The complete manufacturing technology, standard and quality control procedure of the high pressure boiler feed pump and front-mounted pump has been introduced from Germany. By now, several pumps of CHTC type have been manufactured for a number of large power plants. CHTC pump is an improved model of CHTA. Compared with the CHTA pump, the CHTC pump is easier to overhaul.

In addition to the features of the CHTA pump, the CHTC pump has the following features:

  1. It takes less time to overhaul this kind of pump. Since the pump core is made of stainless steel, the whole core can be withdrawn. The pump core, the bearing and the coupling can form a complete standby unit. The packed mechanical seal of the case type can help to save the time for overhauling, which leads to convenient and efficient overhauling work. The pumps produced by other companies do not have this kind of seal. In this way, the spare parts can be changed with a minimum amount of time.
  2. The newest technology of single grade positioning by sliding impeller makes the overhauling, assembling and disassembling work easy and convenient.
  3. The axis is sealed with the newest technology of case packed self-recycling mechanical seal of the fluid power type. The whole set of sealing is a complete changeable unit, which makes it easier to be changed. The self-recycling and cleaning system of the case packed mechanical seal makes condensation water unnecessary. Condensation water is an essential substance used in float ring of Weir pump or labyrinth packing. This can avoid the occurrence of the burnt bearing caused by condensation water accidents. When FK6D32 is working, this can also help to avoid the loss of the condensation water at the speed of 8.4~17.8m3/h when the condensation water is fed in at the speed of 14.9~29.9m3/h. When this pump stops working, this technology can also help to avoid loss of the condensation water at the speed of 17.6~35.5m3/h. By fastening or loosening six screws, the case packed monarchical seal can be fixed and changed, which makes the overhauling work convenient and easy.
  4. The opening positive guide vane can help to guarantee the water power and improve the precision of the surface roughness, which in turn can help to improve the efficiency of the pump.
  5. The equalizing pipe is installed on the top of the pump body. It is not necessary to disassemble this pipe when the pump core is withdrawn, which makes the overhauling work convenient and easy.
  6. The bearing’s middle opening plane is imbedded on the surface. As there is no bedding on the middle opening plane, the sealing property is guaranteed.
  7. Since the cooler of the mechanical seal is replaced with the cooler of the spiral pipe, the effect of heat exchange is improved. This has not only made the overhauling work convenient and easy, but also guarantees the reliability and the stability of the mechanical seal.
  8. Except for the impeller, guide vane, and the feed-in water power parts, which are made of cast steel, other spare parts are forged parts. This kind of design can help to improve the reliability of the raw materials of the spare parts and to shorten the manufacturing cycle.
  9. The high rigidity of the rotor can guarantee the reliability of the product.
  10. The CHTC boiler feed pump can meet the requirements of the low speed jigger with the speed of 10~100r/min, which is fit on the domestically made small engine.

Note: For the CHT boiler feed pump, which includes an air pump and an electric pump to work properly, a warming pump is needed. The idea that the electric pump can work without a warming pump means that the electric pump works at the cost of shortening its life span and increasing its wearing, which can not be shown in a short period of time.


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