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The implementation proposal of localization research and manufacturing project on double-acting super high-pressure non-oil lubricating hydrogen compressor jointly developed by ShenYang Blower Works

News from the Group: the 2D3.5 double-acting super high-pressure non-oil lubricating hydrogen compressor solely developed by our Group has passed the experts assessment on its implementation proposal on 10th June, and was officially listed into Key Task Projects of Group on Significant Equipments Research and Development in 2008. If the project will be successful, it will be the first of its kind in domestic market, and become a leading product in the domestic market and reach the advanced class in the international market. Therefore, it will achieve the localization of significant equipments' technologies and satisfy the country’s economic development needs. Also, it will lay a significant and positive impact on technology development of national equipments manufacturing industry and improvement of company innovative capabilities.
The double-acting super high-pressure hydrogen compressor is the key associated equipment related to the project of "hydrogen storage and transferring technology" listed in the special subject of "hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology" enclosed in China’s national 863 Plan that jointly applied by Group Double-Acting Dept. and Power Energy Academy under Xi'an JiaoTong University. As the product has a discharge pressure up to 400bar, there are more strict requirements for the structure and material used by the parts and components that bear alternating loads of the compressor (such as crankshaft, connecting rod and air valve). 
Issues of deformation fatigue failures, sealing, leakage and protection of super high-pressure hydrogen of parts running under conditions of super high-pressure hydrogen are always the critical subjects that overseas analysis and researches focus on. Domestic researches on such project haven't started yet. All the double-acting compressors used for production, storage and transportation of super high-pressure hydrogen sold in market are all imported. However, there is a pretty large potential market for high-pressure and super high-pressure double-acting compressors in China. Besides, the compressor has a bright future as it may be applied in various other industries, such as metallurgy, chemistry, electronics and spaceflight area.
From introduction addressed by Mr. Yu Aiguo, chief of the project, such compressor has a totally new design that never existed in China before, and it has a two-column four-level compression system and cylinders are arranged in grading structures. The project is done by method that combines self-researches and production-study searches, with great support from Xi'an JiaoTong University. The project’s team will deeply investigate the series tests done under super high-pressure working conditions, then tackle key problems of technical key points and difficulties in compressor structure, material, sealing, processes and inspection methods, so that a kind of double-acting super high-pressure non-oil lubricating hydrogen compressor with excellent performance, high quality, low energy consumption, long life cycle, super suitability to super high-pressure running conditions and own intellectual property rights, which can be used to replace imported compressors.
By requirements for the Group’s significant equipment research and manufacturing plan, the project must have the prototype ready in October this year for trial-running. To achieve the target, leaders of Group Double-Acting Dept. have worked out an excellent arrangement, monitor the whole progress and temporarily transferred several experts for project research and development. The project team has overcome various design difficulties, and finally achieved project drawings design and checking tasks. It is learned that once the prototype is modified according to the comments from experts' assessment, it can be used for prototype trial production. (Written by Li Xiaoyan)

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