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Screw air compressor or reciprocating compressor have been used in the most of factories to supply compress air for different application. Nowadays more and more plants have chosen the centrifugal air compressor to replace their old compressors to meet their higher capacity and maintenance free requirement.
SBW can supply centrifugal air compressors to meet the different capacity requirement for compressor air station.

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Utility Projects
1.Model SVK8-3S packaged centrifugal compressor made for the plant air station of Yumen Oil Refinery Plant.
2. DH35 integral air compressor supplied by SBW for Jinzhou Refinery, compress air station.
3.Model 3MCL707 centrifugal compressor made for pneumatic weaving cloth project of Wujiang Silk Co., Ltd.
4.Model 2MCL803 air centrifugal compressor made for 7-ACA flow process of Zhongrun Pharmacy Plant in Shijiazhuang.


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