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With the capability of manufacturing air compressor, nitrogen compressor, synthetic gas compressor, ammonia refrigerating compressor and CO2 compressor for 300,000-600,000 tons/year synthetic ammonia unit and 520,000-830,000 tons/year urea coal fertilizer unit.
With the capability of manufacturing air compressor, synthetic gas compressor and ammonia refrigerating compressor for 100,000-1,600,000 tons/year coal-to-methanol unit.
With the capability of manufacturing air compressor and synthetic gas compressor for 100,000-1,000,000 tons/year coal-to-gasoline unit. 

1.MCL402 recycle gas compressor produced for synthetic oil plant of Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group.
2.2BCL457 compressor train produced for 600,000 tons/year coal-to-methanol unit of  Yulin Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd.
3.3MCL527+MCL525 nitrogen compressor train produced for 300,000 tons/year synthetic ammonia plant of Hualu Hengshen Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

With the capability of manufacturing circulation compressor used for combination of high-pressure nitrogen hydrogen for 10,000-40,000 tons/year synthetic ammonia unit.
With the capability of manufacturing all kinds of CO2 compressors for urea unit.
With the capability of manufacturing process compressor for methanol and dimethyl ether unit.

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4.6M50 type nitrogen-hydrogen compressor produced for Shandong Qilong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
5.4M40 type methanol circulation compressor driven by turbine produced for Shandong Jiutai Chemical Industry Group.
6.4M32 type CO2 compressor produced for Anhui Linquan Fertilizer Plant.
7.6M50 semi-water coal gas compressor produced for Shanxi Jincheng Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


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